Electricity from dirt

I ripped this page out of one of my favourite ever books. With a little help from google books. It’s from A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genuis, by Dave Eggers.   It must be a favourite book because I’ve owned two copies yet can lay my hands on none.  And I underlined the passage with a cool little Google tool for chrome that allows you to screen grab and then annotate pages and images. This passage and the post below, the little story about beauty, encapsulate perfectly what the internet means to me, and its potential. The humansing and collaborative potential of the internet is immense. Even if the other side of the coin is the ‘splurge’ debate, with people clogging up whatever holds the web together with spurious status updates. Perhaps we should teach people:  Make it useful, make it beautiful.  Make electricity from dirt. It’s a shareware future we’re building so don’t tell me what you had for breakfast, give me the recipe.


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