Hanging out on wall across divides

Photo, “Last Days of Summer” by Chris Zerbes http://www.flickr.com/photos/chriszerbes/6276758881/in/photostream/

The video below, is an inspirational and charming talk by Elif Shafak about how we can transcend social clusters through storytelling and fiction.  By living like a turning compass.  Elif, or rather her Grandmother, says that if you want to destroy anything, including the human soul, then surround it with thick walls. If we have no connection to others outside our inner circle then we might dry up inside, our imagination and our hearts will shrink.  But through fiction we can be transported by storytellers into the lives of others, gaining empathy and understanding with those we may once have been prejudiced toward.  In stories we can live through walls.

And so it seems we can through social media. Facebook has walls, but if  peace.facebook  is to be belived then we are increasingly leaping across historical boundaries and hanging out on walls across religious and political divides.  Facebook as a peacemaker enabling people to better understand each other.  if you have a joyous proclamation Facebook is the new rooftops.  It’s the new wearing of t-shirts that tell the world what sort of radical stuff you dig.  I Love Egypt in the Springtime. 

There were 21,576 connections across Israel/Palestine yesterday. So perhaps we should all pick a country where we have no connections, pop our head over a wall and say hello; ask what the weather’s like, find out who won Peru’s Got Talent. And this tool  Placebook visualises your connections on a world map so you can easily see the countries your short a friend and spread your love across the globe. I’ve got a mate in Mumbai lets hang out on his wall!


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