The John Peel Museum

Legendary DJ John Peel’s record collection has been published online. And will eventually allow fans and pigrims to jumble through the late broadcaster’s entire archive of albums along with selected Peel Sessions and typically irreverent radio clips.

The John Peel Centre is behind the project, which features on The Space – an Arts Council funded and BBC supported digital arts service.

Peel, who died in 2004, had a collection of about 25,000 vinyl albums. The names of about 100 will be added in alphabetical order each week.  So far they’re up to J – for Jacob’s Mouse of course!

You can’t listen to the music directly on the site but all the links are there to other sites like Spotify where you can listen.

As a Liverpool fan who like John grew up on the Wirral there’s always been enough in the great man’s unapologetically obscure references to feel like I was in on the joke even without an encyclopedic knowledge of music to rival some of my friends.

So naturally I went straight for the Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark Peel Sessions. I also found some delightful radio clips including his philiosophy in football metaphor and a discussion with  Half Man Half Biscuit  about the potential of a Wirral wide pop tour to satisfy and inspire me. I fair say anybody could find a little gem from John that speaks only to them.

And you can’t help think John would be made-up – and likely bemused in equal measure – to know that the entire world can trawl through his collection. It’s a wonderful legacy to a legendary man.


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