The Last Stand, landscapes as a witness to war, photography by Marc Wilson

I love this series of photographs by Marc Wilson. Entitled The Last Stand, they document crumbling military defence structures along shorelines of the UK and Northern Europe.

There’s something sobering about these monuments to war crumbling in the soft dawn light, losing the battle with time and with the landscape. There’s an otherworldly, apocalyptic feel to them. Ruins you’d expect survivors to stumble upon once humanity is long gone – before they stumble upon some apes. And yet, these are structures built in just the last century. It’s testament to the fact war is now inconceivable in Europe that these structures feels so ancient. But they serve as a vital historical record,  each and every landscape as a witness to war, with a story to tell, whether it is one of unfulfilled defiance or one of tragedy.

Marc used crowdfunding site indiegogo to tell his story and find backers for the project. And he’s documented the 10,500 mile journey to research over 80 locations in his blog, which includes stories behind the locations and characters he met  along the way.

Marc was short-listed for the 21013 Terry O’Neil TAG Award. You can see The Last Stand an The Strand Gallery until 31 January.


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